Inter-club conference (10/1/16)

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Re: Inter-club conference (10/1/16)

Postby Nigel Cooper » Sat Jan 09, 2016 1:42 pm


the main things we wanted to discuss where as follows and not to far from other comments i think- some of it i think is for wider or longer term discussion
1) refereeing and how we can all do more to help make it better - [...] believes sometimes triple headers mean refs are tired as well sometimes and possibly going to paid refs or including linespeople?
2) league structure - can we maybe go to some full hour games (one per team perhaps? to start with) and whether the shot clock is going to be introduced
3) inter club communication and SKA-club communication - we think we need to have meetings like this regularly (at least every 2 months) as it helps run the league more smoothly. Also what are the goals of the SKA in the near or long term? What are the plans for the scotland squad, do they have targets? How do we go about helping achieve that and does the national coach have any opinions on how we run the league to help him get a better squad?
4) the structure of the SKA - I believe that we need more people involved. It is not fair on the few who are there to do so much even with the new subgroups allowed. there should be at least one member put forward to the SKA committee (have extra ordinary members) per team in the league but allow extra people as well if more want to be involved. Also we have lost two chairs in two years - why was there no EGM straigh away to elect a replacement as its not fair on those left behind to pik up the pieces and if we donhave an egm the clubs think there is no issue. The chair position is a lot of work and we need to have someone in that position year round in our opinion.
5) star players - the rule clearly doesnt work as intended and who can bring a star player to a game as a sub say to go to newcastle to sit at the side in case of a red card or injury. I hope and believe no team uses star players to gain advantage but the old rule where one or two woud be allowed is a lot easier on teams in a league of our size.

We need to discuss also at some point in the near future whether we will host the qualifiers next year (2017) for the europa cup but no need to have that now.

I think more people need to be involved to make the whol thing run better and not rely on a few people who are doing a lot of work, its not fair on them
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Re: Inter-club conference (10/1/16)

Postby Gavin Legg » Sat Jan 09, 2016 7:38 pm

Just so Nigel doesn't feel lonely.....

I'd suggest that people have a think about this before tomorrow too. Think about what you as an individual want from korfball in general (fun, competition, fitness, etc), think about how that does or doesn't fit with Scottish korfball at present. If you find that the two don't fit, then think to yourself "what have I done to make it a better fit".
If I need to improve as a player, what have I done to sort out more coaching?
If I need to improve as a coach, where have I gone and what have I done to develop?
If I want to be a better referee, what have I done to improve?

Everybody is guilty of saying "something needs to be done" or "something should be done about...", but before you do that, think firstly what have you done yourself to rectify it. And if the answer is very little or not much, they ask yourself why. Then think "what could I have done". Then go and do it. If you want a reffing course, speak to those who can run one and start the ball rolling. You want more higher level games - organise them. I would be highly surprised if anyone would ever say "no, you can't do that, it must be someone on the SKA that does it all". Scottish korfball is small - it is you and a small number of other people.
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Re: Inter-club conference (10/1/16)

Postby Nigel Cooper » Wed Jan 13, 2016 12:23 am

Summary: The discussion meeting came, went, and will be followed up by more.
It was well attended, and seemed quite successful.
The SKA management committee is definitely grateful for all the effort that everyone put in.
Minutes of the meeting are available here: ... 1ZzWUxvZTg
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