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New Teams

Postby Cdowd » Fri Dec 06, 2013 6:40 pm

I've heard some rumors of Perth trying to join the league next year, and minutes show that Abertay and Northern Storm may be joining next year. Does anyone know about how substantial those efforts are and whether the league structure would stay the same?
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Re: New Teams

Postby Nigel Cooper » Fri Dec 06, 2013 7:05 pm

Two out of three of those rumours are definitely true, Connor.
I'm involved in the Perth set-up (, and it's pretty much going to plan so far: the intention is to build it up to a state where it could enter the league in 2014/15. Whether or not we make it that far is a matter of luck.
Northern Storms have also expressed an interest in joining up next year, and I've been involved in discussions with Lee Guest to see if they might be ready to enter even earlier than that (i.e. post-mid-season-split this year). I've agreed to take that possibility to the ext SKA committee meeting, and we'll see what people think at that point. (Everyone should feel free to express their opinions on such matters either here, or to the SKA committee - I'm certainly glad that you've brought it up)
The Abertay venture is, as far as I'm aware, taking a little longer to get off the ground. Michael Nicholson and I tried to promote it at their fresher's fayre back in September, but the turnout was pretty low and no-one has come along to any training sessions. If anyone has any contacts or suggestions as to how we can shake things up in Abertay, please let either myself (Nigel) or Michael know.
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