Anyone up for some games (or a mini-tournament) in Oban?

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Anyone up for some games (or a mini-tournament) in Oban?

Postby Nigel Cooper » Fri Dec 06, 2013 6:42 pm

The SKA has been approached by a group of netball players up in Oban who would like to have a go at setting up a korfball club (they're looking to merge with a few basketball blokes). One of them even came down to Glasgow recently to attend a Level 1 coaching course. We talked about the possibility of hosting a mini-tournament up there to try and gain some publicity for the sport, and to let the locals know what korfball really looks like. the idea would be to go up for the whole weekend (up on Sat, back on Sun) and combine a few games with a bit of a social gathering / sightseeing.
So, how many people / teams / clubs would be up for doing something like this?
I'm sure that Dundee would go, and some of the new people from Perth might be up for it too. But what about the more established teams or players?
We're thinking that the best time to do this would be in late Winter / early Spring, and would obviously try to schedule it so that it doesn't clash with any league fixtures. But we're open to other suggestions if anyone would like to make them.
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Re: Anyone up for some games (or a mini-tournament) in Oban?

Postby Cdowd » Sat Dec 07, 2013 2:21 pm

Saints would probably send some people so long as it doesn't clash with any games or other team commitments (nationals, alumni weekend,etc).
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